Skin color is complicated.


Skin changes often. 


  Everyone should have access to an even skin tone.

Describe your skin color and Pigment File reveals every known beauty product that will enhance your complexion.




The proprietary color index enables perfect recommendations.


The research supports our healthy obsession.

Evenness of facial skin color
is one of the main criteria
influencing judgments of female
attractiveness, age, and–in particular–health.
Fewer color irregularities
connote better health, general
physiological well-being,
and greater reproductive potential.

Living Color The Biological and Social Meaning of Skin Color, 2014
Dr. Nina G. Jablonski

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This is awesome and so necessary!
This is AMAZING! I was looking for a tool that could do this exact thing weeks ago when searching for an alternative to my last foundation. Love it!
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